I’ts about getting better at evaluating advice before following it which is my learning from having just gone through a couple of weeks that (before I knew it) grew into months where for a while there some digital tools were getting more and more confusing.

As part of a course designing flexible learning plan ( in my last post) I was required to create an online digital presentation of the same plan.

Publishing open educational resources can be like getting ones wires crossed

You can’t publish multimedia slide shows created in MIcrosoftpowerpoint2007 on any servers other than MSMessenger. and if open office 2007 doesn’t format the slides i created in powerpoint then do I go back to microsoft powerpoint. But because microsoft powerpoint 2007 is not willing to allow me to play a powerpoint in another piece of software (unless it is windows moviemaker that is!) this doesn’t tempt me.

but what if

to use open office (impress) 2007 to create a slidecast (digital video presentation) I have to remove all the microsoft formatting before importing it ….into open office 2007 …

I continue to circle my original objective and eventually fail to understand why i have failed.

in hindsight

Taking the advice to use windows movie maker fell well short of providing the the best tool. But. ..why didn’t I think to ask (the obvious question) windows movie maker what export options will this provide. If anything windows movie maker only video format is WMA.

Either take or leave some good advice and don’t expect it to work first time.

Where to from here? In future (tomorrow) when it come to evaluating advice I’ll keep listening and asking questions & won’t let up until they get to the “but” – at least then I know I am getting . . .warm!

I’ll keep you posted.