This course subscribes to flexible teaching and learning principles and processes, and their application to the design of flexible learning practices.

Timelines: Self directed projects: Networking

1) Professional Development and training

Enrol in a small business development course alongwith other study

Supervisor / mentor / collaboration

Networking information on media production, market research and infrastructure


🙂 – what is already available Polytechnic existing 2009 dates to determine appropriate time frames to plan to for new course (including time lines to seek approval for the course) date for submission of flexible (informal) design of course outline, schedule (and additional information about RPL, unit standards qualification (level).
Official (mandatory) course guidelines to correspond to Polytechnics timetabling, program documents, curriculum level of standards, course schedule and information advertising then to write up the guidelines, academic quality standards, assessment schedules,

2) Budgeted expenses:
total hours of work, across different stages = approximate establishment and running costs,
hardware and software required for media production, equipment
and human resources for ongoing course development,staff training and support and student support IT
advertising and ongoing promotional material

3) Research Questions

Funding Sources:

Otago Polytechnic Copyright Policy, consultancy, infrastructure:
What marketing is available ?
Who will enrol, finance and process results (staff administrator or training in Jasper)