I know I shouldn’t complicate life and use two browsers (unless I have to) – and sure it takes time practising but isn’t it better than stumbling on in the dark trying the wrong thing over and over- the more I systematically repeat the steps the more likely I an to recall them particularly when I am busy. Practise is a big advantage.

I have been using Firefox and find there are small differences between this and our  default Polytechnic Internet Explorer browser. This did confuse me when it came to embeding and referencing (copyright) images with hyperlinks.

To post and reference an image in a blog it is necessary to embed (upload) it. When it come to referencing the author and an image source this is done either by hyperlinking the image as an object with the URL address or by publishing (hyperlinking or copying) the url of an image in your post.

with Internet Explorer the URL can be found by right clicking on the image and selecting the properties and Select All & Copy this address then paste this in the image link window back in wordpress insert/edit image window.

Firefox has removed this step. So instead, a right click on the image on the flickr creative commons page and select copy image location then paste this in the image link window back into wordpress. Even though this is easier I kept forgetting the crucial step.

Then next step to hyperlink a page is the same in both internet browsers. Copy the url of a flickr image page and paste this in the hyperlink window along with the title that pops up as text below the cursor.