So to recap I have over the previous posts been searching for some audio recording equipment for recording editing embeding and archiving multimedia presentation, publication and podcasting, and that is suitable and basically for EDC staff to use.

I haven’t been shopping yet but found an Olympus audio recorder that has most of the facility to deliver and stream 16 bit 44.1 khz Mp3 podcasts of lectures, meetings, slidecasts, audiovisuals, music etc . The hardware uses flash drives SD cards. The two minus’s are the price and the proprietry WMA (windowsmediaudio) format of the audio recorder.

Roland has an audio recorder – Edirol Wave and MP3 digital recorder R-09 which records up to broadcast quality (32.0 bit) with on board stereo mic, a mic in /line in and ac power supply. This would be a very good machine for field recordings, music for original sound tracks for av and promotional materials. However, it is not as affordable, depending on the bit rates wave files can be up to 10 times larger to process, embed and podcast. . .

For just voice, interview, lecture, conference and meeting recordings, a 16 bit 44,100 htz audio MP3 recorder with a line in (gives the option of powered extention wire/wireless microphone. Although these wee machines have fiddly functions and mini screens you can format MP3 to WAV files required for audio/visual editing.

In the last year IRiver have deleted a model which for our purposes was an ideal portable MP3 recorder.. now there is an cowan iaudio u3 model…

As an aside, I wonder about the ways product development is being shaped by the emerging hardware and softwares (which are converging) and how much it is driven by consummer demand for multimedia devices being portable.