I find I am disorientated. I’m sure it doesn’t help using  two browsers. This problem of ‘getting lost in information space’ is precipitated by a trial acoss complex associative links. It will no doubt take time… trial and error and many more experience. These can sometimes be time consuming detours One wonders even whether it would work beginning a checklist…

1) to navigate across a series of associations and maintain a sense of where these things called pages are in a relatively unbounded network of information. … whatever it takes to explain what were I’ve been and gone more importantly.. to be aware of what neck of the woods I’m in and where I’ve recently been and visited and start to get my head around which are the destructive and non destructive navigation and editing tools. As I have not quite formulated these problems into English … These questions.

suggest that were I to look for visual cues to plot my course -this will mean more efficiency and currency and accuracy

Every click represents a decision and a temporal pathway stepping across time and between hyperlinks

forward / back


new window/tab

by providing users with a compliment of browser tab/window and back (forward) buttons.

how do I learn to observe the potential points of departure that lead into ‘getting lost in information space’ (dead ends, loose threads,  multiple blog post edit windows) without it taking time – not I suppose by pointing the finger claiming that webpage designers and web search engine designers are  implicated in my navigation woes.

Still as this is early days I will persevere

when it comes to useability

– keep you posted.