February 2008

What is the proprietry software included with the MP3 player ? – it is an optional sound editor.

Does the line in MP3 player recorder take both a powered (preamp) or an unpowered microphone? Either

Does the recorder read the open source formats i.e. OggVorbis the wiki editing code. YES!

With regards the interface, other than reading the reviews or previewing the equipment by buying locally this is hard to answer.


… when it comes to digitisation of sound,  sound recording has changed due to MP3 formats designed for DVD , the web and pod casting.   My question is what equiptment do I need to for audio recording.

The short answer is an MP3 recorder with 16 bit fidelity, This meets ‘hi-fi’ specification which  is perfectly acceptable.

I’m already familiar recording via soundcards with line in microphone and editing software. Opensource audio recording and editing software such as Audacity and Goldwave is available to download and install for free.

MP3 recorders now provide better storage starting from 1 GB which is probably enough. The battery lifetimes can range in both hours and price, some may not be rechargable- so an option to buy an ac power supply could be a good move.

Line in MP3 recorders means this allows recording from any sound source, such as microphone, line in or any sounds currently playing on your PC (internet radio, movie sounds, etc)… transfer some other formats records tapes CDs etc into MP3 (WMA, WAV, OGG, RAW ) formats.

when MP3 players have on board mics what are they- dynamic or condenser?
although the majority of MP3 recorder/players have inbuilt microphones  an alternative is an MP3 recorder with line in.  Dynamic microphones may cause some distortion and not be as sensitive at a distance so another option recording with a condenser omni-direction mic means where you place the microphone will not be as critical, although saying – that the length of mic leads has to be a joke.

These are links to a 1 GB cowan iaudio u3 and downloading pdf of the iaudio u3 Manual

now ….about the microphone.

Sorry about the short notice. Tuesday 12 feb session has been cancelled. Thursday 14th feb will now run from 1.45-2.30 pm.

Have you got the time next week at 1-2pm  H611 Otago Polytechnic on Tuesday and Thursday 12th 15th Feb. open to other staff. Revision practise, discussion.

I now have the right links to Learning4content project online workshops hosted by the commonwealth of learning on wikieducator in a sandbox tutorial using Kaltura – a collaborative video editing tool (images movies and audio) .  http://wikieducator.org/Kaltura:Video_239760 for the current version.I have a permanent link to the present my sandbox version  practise editing the footage of 3 children playing in sand which was in the Kaltura library (see credits) with overdubbed soundtrack of an arrangement of Wayne Shorter’s composition “Speak no evil” uploaded from internet archive.

Would be best to ignore the previous links to Kaltura wiki workshop (posted yesterday).

Learning4content A project that has definite goals towards advancing collaborative wikieducator content and concourse has a fun for all to try – Kaltura open source sandbox. The first wikieducator main page with tutorials demos the use of this editor this was fun I’m keento upload some stills audioandmovies.

practice hyperlinks while making comments on blogs  take a break.

What are the various copyright issues regarding hypertext links ? !

Creative commons have a simple video Easy … so they say . . . I beg to differ!

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