My first few attempts to view Steven Downes Community Blogging presentation proved futile as there was a video link without a video (I went to double check this in google video to check for a broken link but as it turned out there wasn’t a video recording to link. Eventually I had the slides and the audio in my sights. It would be acting in a community spirit to post Steven technical feedback about this.


Now I watched this one to get a perspective on community blogging, web 2. I accessed it from a portfolio of Steven Downes archived av presentations (2004 and up to the moment). I was mindful of the subsequent developments would necessitate I would need to repeatedly research, and unearth this processing as documented by Steven Downes blogs. I could follow the main argument in successive postings sufficiently and when on occasion I identifed an unfamiliar jargon term. In one postI came across i.e. metadata – i hastened to understand this term and the issues of contextual blogging posts across time where using tags as a search tool fails identify and bring potential learning communities together. With just a rudimentary way to understand this term I could understand and begin to learn so much – for instance about things advanced semantic search engine tool with the potential to replace the tag/categories search.

Two blogging movies the first short tutorial Blogging in plain English

Social Bookmarking in plain English