January 2008

and here is <a href=”http://youtube.com”>more practice <a/>with a “c”


can’t quite decide if the waters coming …boats going… bird is landing

from creative commons attribution only that is. not sure what

Hillary has recommended edc hosting two sessions  for travel and tourism staff this week Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th jan both 1.00-2.00pm.teaching across the network 

this could include any or all of the following you guessed it – blogging – we take this opportunity to practice  navigating the web and commenting on other blogs and review wordpress embedding digital images videos, referencing these, reveiwing creative commons and educational materials copyright issues.etc.

Any other suggestions welcome

On reflection I can’t exactly recall the particular difficulty I had over editing this post. Maybe this will come as I repeat the way I did it successfully -it could be better way to avoid the wrong pathways and navigation problems through practice. I gather that alternative pathways are the usually the rule of thumb with digital media processing.

I’m not phased by the confusion that I have experienced linking this successfully…twas worth it as I do find this image arresting.



Fortunately, there is no one else here looking over my shoulder as they would bear witness to my tentative start to composing this 2008 journal entry- after a summer break. New as i am, to community blogging finding the way to an online community of edubloging does come with its challenges … posting a series of online journal entries inspires in me a soapbox mentality…. marrying two superimposed but distinct communities and audiences comprised of one (teaching staff at Otago Polytechnic)/all of web2). …. upon arriving at the point I represent this process and its way of shaping just how to present my journal thoughts and visions …. to include hyperlinks so that the posts are standalone and able to be referenced adequately suitable to peoples RSS feeds.

My first few attempts to view Steven Downes Community Blogging presentation proved futile as there was a video link without a video (I went to double check this in google video to check for a broken link but as it turned out there wasn’t a video recording to link. Eventually I had the slides and the audio in my sights. It would be acting in a community spirit to post Steven technical feedback about this.


Now I watched this one to get a perspective on community blogging, web 2. I accessed it from a portfolio of Steven Downes archived av presentations (2004 and up to the moment). I was mindful of the subsequent developments would necessitate I would need to repeatedly research, and unearth this processing as documented by Steven Downes blogs. I could follow the main argument in successive postings sufficiently and when on occasion I identifed an unfamiliar jargon term. In one postI came across i.e. metadata – i hastened to understand this term and the issues of contextual blogging posts across time where using tags as a search tool fails identify and bring potential learning communities together. With just a rudimentary way to understand this term I could understand and begin to learn so much – for instance about things advanced semantic search engine tool with the potential to replace the tag/categories search.

Two blogging movies the first short tutorial Blogging in plain English

Social Bookmarking in plain English