December 2007

how to write a post in wordpress.

Work off screen where possible.

I’m going to read the FAQs and the help file possibly with a view to printing out sections.

you too can make it blogging sound easy …!

Including a link to an image is a useful referencing practice. – just you watch

opps what?

As I learnt the hard way when I downloaded the image from flickr I published in my blog but because didn’t download the image to my computer or insert a link (the reference code is a URL Address of that image) for copyright of this image I can’t refind this image again if had to source this flickr image.

Responses to Kevin Flaherty post “Vienna” leighblackall Says:hmm, seems that both the image and the attribution did not come through this time. Try following these steps:

1. Edit your blog post

2. In a new window (so that you don’t lose your blog edit) bring up the Flickr creative commons database. Here is a suggested way to go about finding an creative commons image. Flickr creative commons

3. Search through images and click on the thumbnail of the image you like in the search result

4. You should now be looking at the image you like with all the information about it, including title, who by, comment box and other things

5. Right click the image and click “properties”.

6. Copy the “URL” from the properties

7. Now return to the edit window for your blog and click the “insert image” icon on the tool bar. A small window will pop up asking you for the image URL. Paste the image URL you copied into that box then click insert.

8. You image should now be visible on your blog. Resize to your liking

9. Return to the Flickr image page and copy the page address from the address bar at the top of the window.. it will read or something

10. With that address copied, return to your blog edit and click on the image, and then click the “link” icon from the tool bar. A new window will pop up asking you for the URL… paste the address you copied OVER THE TOP of the http:// you see in that box

Now publish or save your blog post..phew! it sounds complicated, but so is changing the gears on a car… it will become second nature…Here’s a video that demonstrates the process..

Inserting images into wordpress


Categorize and Tag Your Posts

This is wordpress FAQ explaining

“We used to have just categories…
These allowed the broad grouping of weblog post topics but when you wanted to describe a post in
more specific terms you had to use more categories. That lead to very long lists inside the blog sidebars. It was also confusing in that what we said were categories others said were tags.”

So now I have tags to save time and space searching through categories. Tags are key words chosen by the author. Both categories and tags contain links to designated websites. I can assign as many tags to a bookmark as you like and rename or delete the tags later. So, tagging can be a lot easier and more flexible than fitting your topic into the hierarchy of subject. It can be confusing with searching as some say -either – some either/or – and some say both!

Categories that once designated listings around broad groupings of particular things did so to refer to any number of that subject items, or Tags.

Tags /categories have become the mechanisms of social network search engines like google.

Tags/categories in weblogs are still to be organised into collections of clouds of connected things without being housed by hierarchy of branching categories.

Climb a tree to find a category …

venture out on a limb

to tag on a whim and discover

This slide presentation on Community Blogging by Steven Downes reframes what a community such as Web2 has the potential to achieve and the fundamental limitations of our existing concept of community.

audio includes an easy system which allows you to categorize and tag your posts while you write them. “We automatically create archives based on your categories and add them to our global tag system and our tag surfer, so you get extra traffic as other people interested in the same topics as you will find your post and leave comments on your blog.”

how to write a post in wordpressThe feedback about including a link to an image is a good call.  As I now have had explained because I downloaded the image from flickr and didn’t keep the link then I lost the reference to where I  sourced this image(like Hansel and Gretel  trail of crumbs along their path through the woods).    I can’t go back to check that this image, whatsmore I had not considered the copyright status of the flickr image I embeded.

Back to the wordpress tutorials, I have linked the 1st one I viewed a video about inserting or embeding pictures on wordpress and then I have posted a screencast, a video of a tutorial embedding images into blogs!  


embeding as a hyperlink

Note there are at least two ways to deliver a screening the tutorial by embedding images into  your wordpress blogs  

Today 11.00-12.00 2nd weblog workshop  –  chance to  view and evaluate the selection of youtube wordpress bloglines tutorials  ! and subscribe to bloglines and gather a group of RSS feeds.

here is two ways to post a youtube movie

OK heres a linking posting of a how to style tutorial WOW its easy

NOW another way is to embed a youtube video about a bloglines

and again this time a wordpress embeded tutorial

AGAIN a Step by step wordpress tutorial

with a direct screening

Hilary, Lyn and Kevin

Building upon the linking to tutorials “bloglines” and “wordpress”

I reckon could be a matter of taking teaching across the network i.e. blogging etc. slowly but surely with plenty of opportunity practice at navigating the web and build on skills some processing digital images and copyright of intellectual property at the same time.

I was just thinking I could do three short sessions at a foundation level with practical exercises to build on the basics and fill some gaps clear up some confusion like.

I could do something alternate days after graduation this next week on any of these days- Tuesday wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Its a sunny summers day, the curtains are drawn for optimin screen visibility  – Today Leigh and I revisit the creating of(personalised)blog accounts for teachers and administrators in travel and tourism.  This is a follow up to a middle of the year workshop with Leigh Blackall and give assistance with those first timers!