I at present, am operating as adult apprentice blog trainer undergoing adaptive expertise (adult learners as emergent professionals/practitioners…) I have identified the process I am undergoing as very close to one that Weigel (2002), of a cognitive apprenticeship context-based model of learning. Teachers/professionals involve learners as emergent practitioners/professionals in their field of expertise and by the same token adapt their role of the teacher into that of lifelong learner. Weigel suggests that teachers move from considering the learner as a student to that of learner as a emergent professional who needs both to gain knowledge and be prepared to deliver contributions to their fields.

4th December, 9.10am

No sign of Leigh.

My feeling is that until I get digitaly literate i.e. functional with the web services as a resource for life long learning stretching across institutions and timezones, then I can’t expect to make an informed judgement about how best to realise its value and potential. I also believe that I am motivated by working with others than in isolation.

I got my blog account at blogger then I changed to wordpress all of a week ago.

I have an account at bloglines.com

I have begun to think beyond the favourites (bookmarks) and to my del.icio.us account for storing and retrieving links to multimedia resources.

I am getting familiar with the audio visual resources limitations of broadband re- utube. I know there are platforms like ipod that may reduce my frustration with downloading to Otago Polytechnics.